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Transcription Services

Making complete sense of spoken words in another language isn’t always easy, especially when your recording or tape is not clear and is full of background noise, blips and other hiccups that help prevent you from fully understanding the context of a discussion.

We can easily transcribe any audio within your timeframe

Languagelinx has the perfect solution to help solve your transcription nightmare. Our experienced and skilled transcribers can quickly and easily transcribe any audio-visual material into over 100 languages to satisfy your business deadline.

We are ready and able to transcribe your taped business meetings, telephone conversations, legal interviews, witness recordings, corporate training videos, in-flight movies, multi-media presentations, films or documentaries and much more, all at a relatively low cost.

Flexible transcription services provide the level of detail you require

Whatever your transcription needs, we can provide trained transcription experts who understand all types of transcription from summary and basic transcription right through to truth transcription where every utterance, silence and ambient sound is transcribed for a full and authentic analysis.

With our ultra quick and convenient transcription service, we can arrange for your files to be delivered straight to your desktop safely and securely in PDF format in as little as 24 hours. Same day or express services are also available at a reasonable cost.

We accept most standard media formats for transcription, including digital video/audio, cassette, micro cassette DVD transcription, MP3, CD, Minidisc, WAV, MPEG, Realplayer, and Windows Media.

To get your tape transcribed, please contact us for a no-obligation quote on +1 800385 8593 or simply email your audio file to and we will get back to you soon.