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Telephonic Interpreting services

Trained telephonic interpreters are available 24/7 to handle your over the phone business meeting, client interview, appointment or assessment in the canada or anywhere in the world.

Languagelinx only works with experienced mother tongue telephonic interpreters who understand the language of your business sector and can seamlessly interpret your conversations in a matter of seconds.

By reducing all barriers to communication by utilising a simple 3 way conference call system, our telephonic interpreters can also help you make important operational savings by charging you on a per second basis with no monthly charges up costly set-up fees, meaning that you’ll only ever pay for exactly what you use.

Telephonic interpreters are available in over 200 languages, are backed by a world class customer service team that is supported by a tried and tested telephonic system that is stable, clear and fully confidential so you can feel confident your meetings will not be overheard by unauthorised individuals.

Need a telephonic interpreter right away – why not call us today on +1 800385 8593 for a no-obligation quote.